Tween Girl Bedroom Makeover (Zebra Print & Hot Pink)

My daughter has been bugging me FOREVER to decorate her room. Until this afternoon, her room was the standard “builder cream” with no decorations on the wall.

A few weeks ago she inherited my old queen bedroom set and I promised her that we would decorate soon. This week, I finally got around to doing it with the help of two of my best friends while they were visiting for the week. :)

Not wanting to spend a fortune considering that teens are fickle and she could change her mind about what’s “cool” in a year or two, I wanted to do this without spending a fortune. The total room makeover cost less than $400 (and that was because I had ZERO paint supplies like drop cloths, brushes, etc).

Below are the before and after pictures and the supplies I used to do this with a cost breakdown.

The Zebra Print and Hot Pink Tween Girl Bedroom

Tween Girl Room 1

The Painting

About $100 dollars of the $400 I spent to makeover the room was spent on paint supplies. We spent another $80 on the actual paint. We got all the supplies from the Home Depot paint supply section.

  • 2 5×15 drop cloths
  • 2 rolls of paint tape (we could have gotten away with one)
  • 3 quality pain brushes (there were three of us painting)
  • 1 adjustable height paint roller frame
  • 1 package (6) of semi-smooth paint rolls (we went through 3 of them)
  • 1 package of 3 paint roller trays
  • 2 small trim trays
  • 2 small foam brushes (for touch-ups if needed)
  • 2 gallons of Tutti Frutti Behr Premium Plus paint
  • 1 gallon of Jet Black Behr Premium Plus paint

We found instructions for having two different wall colors meet in the corner here. We followed it to the letter. It worked. Like a charm.

Before & After Pictures

I’ll detail where we got the bedding and all the accessories for the room after the before or after pictures below…

Before 1

After 1

Before 2

After 2

Before 3

After 3

Before 4

After 4

After 4.2

Personally, I’m pretty happy with the results. My daughter is ecstatic with them. ;-)

Bedding and Accessories

I hit up target for all the bedding and accessories…

Right now I have one ridiculously happy tween. ;-)


  1. Jess says

    Holy wow, that is some HOT pink. At least she won’t have any trouble waking up in the morning…

    One eye opens ever so slightly and POW! Awake for the day.

    Looks great, though. I would’ve killed for something like that when I was a tween…

    • Rae says

      Thanks Jess – yeah, we kept saying “holy pink” the entire time, but the black was a nice offset and the finished product is bright, but looks fantastic with the rest of the colors. :)

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