I’m resurrecting my personal blog

Over the last few months, I’ve increasingly had the urge to post about things that aren’t related to business. Take my Super Bowl Party Setup post. Not wanting to bombard the readers of my business blog with non business related posts, I’ve resurrected my old personal blog (custom design to eventually follow).

The name? When I first decided to start a blog almost a decade ago, a friend asked me “Why would you want a blog?” and the name of this blog was my answer. It was meant to be funny – who knows if I succeeded. As I began to get a higher profile in my profession, I shut the personal blog down and began a new one on Sugarrae.com with a business oriented theme.

At the time all those years ago, I was concerned about sharing personal information about myself and the effect it might have on my career. Now? I just don’t give a shit. ;-)

This blog will use my Sugarrae Twitter account and Pinterest account since I have always used those as personal sounding boards anyway. It will use a separate page for Facebook (give it a like will ya?).

If you’ve only ever known me on a business level – or it’s been a long time since we’ve hung out – for now, feel free to check out my list of 101 things about me.


  1. Chrissie says

    This is gonna be GREAT!! Just seeing the name in my Facebook feed took me back to that time and I can see the design in my head. Those were the good ole days ;)

    Welcome back! Love you!

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